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APP Systems GmbH
Lindenstrasse 11
63477 Maintal

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CEO: Andreas Paulitsch
Tax-No.: 019 228 42105
VAT-No.: DE264835979
Commercial Register: Hanau, HRB 92850

Responsible for the content of this website according to §6 MDStV: Andreas Paulitsch

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With its sentences from 1998-05-12 and 2007-04-27, the District Court of Hamburg decided that whoever inserts a link is co-responsible for the contents of the linked page. Furthermore it was decided in the just mentioned sentences, that forum operators are responsible for insulting remarks and their spread. This can only be avoided by explicitly dissociating from such contents. On this homepage links to other websites were created and the following applies to all of these links: "We hereby explicitly declare that we do not have any influence on neither the configuration nor the contents of the linked pages. We therefore explicitly dissociate ourselves from all content of any pages and sub-pages linked with our website. This declaration applies to all links present on this website and to the entire contents of the sites leading to these links."

Responsible for the contents of this website in accordance with §6 MDStV (Interstate Agreement on Media Services): Andreas Paulitsch

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E-mails enable us to communicate quickly and easily. The messages have no signatures and can be altered by third parties. At APP Systems, binding agreements are sent as letters, scanned letters or fax and bear signatures in accordance with the APP Systems policy for signatures.

Headquarters Maintal

APP Systems GmbH
Lindenstrasse 11
63477 Maintal

Tel: +49 6109 69970-1
Fax: +49 6109 69970-2